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SCC Center Earned a NSFC Project

Author:Admin  Time:2013-9-13 23:25:45

A research project was declared to be surpported by NSFC. The project is "Outside casing gravel-packing simulation in Horizontal well in Unconsolidated sandstone".

Gravel-packing is a well known effective sand cnontrol and well completion technology for unconsolidated sandstone reservoir, but its application in horizontal wells is limited to inside casing and wellbore gravel-packing. In recent years, some accidental site inside casing gravel-packing operations in horizontal wells indicate that the fact of outside casing gravel-packing in horizontal wells is subsistent and it's possibile to be implemented purposively. Outside casing gravel-packing means goog sand control effect and can also decrease horizontal well skin factor and improve well productivity. This project will perform the prospective application basic research of the issue of outside casing gravel-packing in horizontal wells. In this project, on the basis of another relative NSFC project completed before, the unconsolidated sandstone rock failure mode, which may concern one of fracture initiation and extension and another of plastic compaction breaking, and its diagnosis model will be focused on. Then, aim ate the rock failure mode of plastic compaction breaking, the study on numerical and experiment simulation of outside casing gravel-packing in horizontal wells will be performed to estiablish the numerical simulation model for horizontal well outside casing gravel-packing. The above study medthods involves matematical model and experimental apparatus and consider the heterogeneity of formation rock properties and 3-D stress field anlog horizontal wellbore trajectory. Finally, the corresponding visual simulation software package will be developed to visually simulation the whole packing process and predict the final packing parttern. This project and its implementation would provide prospective foundation for the real application of outside casing gravel-packing in horizontal wells.

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