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Series Monograph Published by SINOPEC Press

Author:Admin  Time:2013-9-14 7:34:16

From 2003 to 2012, Mr. Zhang Qi & Dong Changyin published a series of monograph and textbook on sand production and sand control in gas and oil wells by SINOPEC Press. 

These series books have high academic value and I think their publication be the new milepost of the formation and construction of sand control principle and technology. As well known, at the early stage of development of unconsolidated sandstone reservoir, the problem of sand production became serious and severe day by day. But, it was a pity that there be no anyone books to talk about sand production and sand control technology, and the system and structure be much out of the question. The books published by Mr. Dong solved the problem and built up the principle and technology structure of sand control, which concerns the basic formation core properties acquisition, systematic sanding prediction principles, optimization of sand control design and production and effect evaluation. These series of books has played and are playing a greet role of promote the progress of sand control technology in the area.

In the countries besides China, there is no special course on sand control completion for undergraduates in any universities and colleges. The course of Theory and Technology of Sand Control for Oil and Gas, in charge of Mr. Dong in China University of Petroleum, is of distinguishing feature, as well as the used text book of 《Theory and Technology of Sand Control for Oil and Gas》. Nowadays, for unconsolidated or thermal recovery reservoir especially at the middle or late stage of development, sand production is a big problem to be issued. The oil and gas industry put forward a high requirements for the persons with enough skills concerning sand control. This course and textbooks would play an important function for the personnel training and public education on sand control area.

The book of 《Theory and Technology of Sand Control Completion for Horizontal Wells》 was published in 2012. This monograph is the first special book focusing on the sand production prediction and sand control for horizontal wells. The book expatiates horizontal well stress distribution, sanding prediction, sand control technology evaluation and design, gravel-packing in horizontal wells, and so on, which filled up the empty of there was no books about sand control in horizontal wells before.


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