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Sandcontrol Office—Sand Control Optimization Syste

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Sandcontrol Office is a synthetically software system  platform that is consisted of Lithomechanics and crustal stress, well system sand out  prediction, sandcontrol program evaluation and optimization, sandcontrol design optimization, sand controlled well production prediction, sandcontrol methods effectiveness evaluation, horizontal/high inclination well sandcontrol, calculation tool kit and sandcontrol database information system.  The software obtains the work of oil/gas well sandcontrol including management, calculation analysis, evaluation, designing, office automation and so on. It covers the whole procedure of sandcontrol technology, and provides sandcontrol engineers with an intact software platform.

Sandcontrol Office would raise synthetical sandcontrol solutions for sanding single well, sanding zone, sanding block and sanding reservoir in loose sand condition. On the base of basic theory and method study, Sandcontrol Office constantly does adjustment and promotion. In the future, it would become the leader of international sandcontrol completion software platform, and supply simple and easy integrated sandcontrol completion process resolvent for working site in oil/gas field.

Sandcontrol Office software covers every detail of the work of oil/gas well sandcontrol.

Software Moudles
Sandcontrol Office software is consisted of many modules, including formation lithomechanics parameter acquirement, reservoir crustal stress prediction, oil/gas well system sand out anticipation, sandcontrol program evaluation and optimization, sandcontrol program parameter optimizing design and modeling, horizontal well gravel fillup visualization modeling and design, sand controlled well production prediction, sandcontrol methods effectiveness evaluation, oil/gas well sandcontrol calculation tool kit, online file system of sandcontrol database information system.

Software Functions
Module 1: sandcontrol data management system (scData)

scData’s arch job:

sandcontrol daily data management; providing base data for Sandcontrol Office.

scData system involves all the information and data related to sandout and sandcontrol. Also, it offers the function of complete data maintenance, information retrieval, information reports and data introduce. SC-Data support local database and online database server.
Convenient data logging and editing
Complete data retrieving and reporting
Expedite data importing and exporting
Maximally lighten the workload of user data maintenance
Customizes data interface to share data with other database system
Abundant section data formwork and single well data formwork
Standalone and server version of data system

All these characters improved the service efficiency of Sancontrol Office system remarkably.

Module 2: reservoir rock mechanics parameter acquirement module (scRock)
 SC-Rock specially works on acquiring tabular and longitudinal distribution of reservoir rock mechanic parameters on a large scale, and provides suitable lithomechanical parameter acquirement arrangement on the base of actual well site situation. Lithomechanical data is most important for the work of crustal stress prediction, systematic sanding prediction and sandcontrol design and modeling.

Rock mechanics experimental data dealing and matching
Rock mechanical data interrelationship calculation
Rock mechanical data factor matching
Rock mechanical data calculation on the base of logging data (single well)
Rock mechanical data calculation on the base of logging data (flock)
Extensively acquire rock mechanical data
Convenient rock mechanical data arithmetic factor matching
Agile logging data importing
Entire guided operation
Single well calculation and multiwell flock calculation function
Allocation aimed at different block’s factor

Module3: reservoir crustal stress prediction (scStress)
SC-Stress module mainly computes original place major stress and near wellbore elastoplasticity distribution on the base of rock mechanic data and logging data, and offers crustal stress data preparation for sanding prediction and sandcontrol design. SC-Stress would contribute systematic crustal acquirement plan for sandcontrol.
Original place major stress sectional prediction (single well)
Original place major stress sectional prediction (multiwell)
Near wellbore elastic earth stress distribution prediction
Near wellbore elastoplasticity earth stress distribution
Horizontal and high inclination well earth stress distribution prediction
Single well and multiwell original formation principle stress sectional prediction
Handy near wellbore elastic and plastic section stress distribution and sensitivity analysis
Agile near wellbore earth stress output pattern

Module 4: oil/gas well systematic sanding prediction module (scSand)
SC-Sand module would do multifaceted systematic prediction and evaluation for sanding regularity of oil/gas layer and oil/gas well according to formation characteristic and fluid physical properties, providing foundation for sandcontrol technology and even development plan. Systematic sanding prediction mainly contains four details: qualificative experiential sanding prediction, sand out critical pressure drop and production prediction, sand out radius prediction on the circumstance of real working condition, and so on.
Qualificative experiential sanding prediction (single well, multiwell)
Sand out critical pressure drop prediction
Sand out critical pressure drop longitudinal distribution prediction (single well, multiwell)
Formation plastic sand out radius prediction under working condition
Sanding velocity and sand influx prediction
Planar and longitudinal sand out regularity distribution prediction
Sanding monitor data analysis
Complete solution of systematic sanding prediction
Ample choices of rock failure formula and stress model
Impeccable sensitivity analysis
Planar and longitudinal sand out regularity prediction
Factor matching of different oil/gas field
Abundant output types

Module 5: sandcontrol technology solution evaluation and optimization module (scOpt)
SC-Opt module specially does the job of evaluating sandcontrol technology according to sanding prediction or actual sanding influx of production well, rock and fluid’s physical properties, production method, working system, and on the base of sandcontrol technology adaptability combined with expertise. Besides, it would generate sandcontrol method type under certain well, formation or block’s adaptability.
Sandcontrol technology optimization with direct pairing method
Sandcontrol technology optimization with semi-empirical approach
Sandcontrol technology adaptability knowledge base
Sandcontrol technology adaptability evaluation
Sandcontrol technology production evaluation and comparison
Screen adaptation evaluation
Sandcontrol technology adaptability
Synthetical evaluation and optimization
Open sandcontrol technology adaptability knowledge base
Advanced synthetically fuzzy adaptation evaluation model
Complete guide style operation
Clear intermediate evaluation results
Offers sandcontrol technology optimization decision

Module 6: sandcontrol technology parameter design and modeling module (scDesign)
SC-Design applies advanced design model and method from home and abroad, and takes every possible situation on well site into account. It contains every step of sandcontrol technology designing. Meanwhile, it covers all kinds of sandcontrol technology that is used on site including machinery, chemical and combined technology. This module is able to guide the operation right from data collecting and sandcontrol design sheet generating.
Formation sand screen test analysis
Gravelstone dimension design
Gravel layer pore throat conformation stimulation and dimension analysis
Gravel layer poroperm characteristics and sand intrusion behavior evaluation
Mechanical screen evaluation and lectotype
Mechanical screen’s slot width/sand retention precision designment
Outside-pipe fillup diameter optimization and fillup stimulation
Gravel fillup proppant delivery rate design
Sandcontrol implement injection procedure planning
Sandcontrol sand fluid volume design
Fracture fillup sandcontrol size planning
Fracture fillup sand dimension optimization
Fracture fillup sandcontrol implement injection procedure planning and stimulation
Sandcontrol operating tool string design
Sandcontrol operating tool string graph drafting
Sandcontrol operating procedure design
Sandcontrol operating process design
Sandcontrol operating planning bookwrite generating
Wellbore fluid sand-carrying capacity and sand washing parameter design
Covers all the sandcontrol technology
Intelligent guide of sandcontrol design operation
Merges with advanced design model of home and abroad
Brand new semiempirical end screening fracture fillup sandcontrol planning and modeling
Custom formwork of pipe、injection procedure、construction procedure、planning book and so on.
Well-functioned drafting software of pipe chart
Full suite of auto design of sandcontrol
Directly generates complete sandcontrol planning book

Module 7: horizontal well and high-deviational well gravel fillup design and simulation (scHoriPack)
SC-HoriPack is specially designed for visualization modeling and injection planning for the process of horizontal well and high-deviational well gravel fillup, thus to reduce the danger of in site construction and improve fillup efficiency. SC-HoriPack module could accomplish the task of digital simulation for gravel fillup of horizontal well in specified in site parameters and visualization modeling of fillup process. Using digital simulation and orthogonal numerical test method, optimal combinational design toward construction parameter could be achieved.
Basic flow analysis of gravel fillup in horizontal well and high deviational well
Calculation and analysis of Leak-off, friction, particle sedimentation and sand bed deposition
Height prediction of equilibrium sandbed and analysis in the fillup process
Prediction of wellbore fillup dynamic conditions and critical construction parameters
Visible numerical simulation of α wave and β wave throughout the fillup process
Design of construction parameter and pumping procedure using orthogonal numerical test method
Sensitivity analysis of fill up efficiency factors
Confirms the wellbore structure and pumping procedure, and visibly simulate the process of fill up
The results are based on massive indoor experiment, thus reliable
Suitable for complicated situations such as wellbore curvature change, screen polarization, filtration, extrusion, circulation and so on.
Suitable for complex pumping procedure with varied particle size and delivery capacity.
Sensitivity analyses of fill up efficiency and construction parameter optimal design with orthogonal numerical test method are very convenient for utilization
Parameters like pressure, friction, split-flow volume, fluid channeling, density and sand bed height could be designed and output in copious and flexible manner.

Module 8: productivity prediction and evaluation of sand control well (scProd)
SC-Prod introduces productivity ratio as one of the evaluation indexes, takes additional skin factor caused by sand control methods and flow dynamic conditions before sand control into account to predict the productivity after sand control methods are taken. SC-Prod provides complete bottom hole seepage analysis tool for sand control well and thorough plan for productivity prediction.
Wellbore flow analysis of oil and gas well
Flowing bottomhole pressure calculation of oil and gas well
Theoretical flow dynamics prediction of oil and gas well
Actual flow dynamics matching of oil and gas well
Flowing pressure drop analysis of resistance zone in bottom hole of sand control well
Skin factor analysis of resistance zone in bottom hole of sand control well
Productivity ratio of sandcontrol methods and sensitivity analysis
Bottomhole flowing pressure drop and skin factor analysis system with full functions
Systematic solution for flowing dynamics in oil and gas well
Oil well, gas well, horizontal well, and vertical well are included in calculation system
Analysis of Pressure drop in resistance zone and the sensitivity of skin factor on all elements
Laminar flow and turbulent flow are taken into account

Module 9 Effect evaluation of sandcontrol methods (scEvalu)
SC-Evalu is the module to evaluate the applied sandcontrol methods in scientific and objective manner. Make sure the rightness of sandcontrol solutions and learn from the success and failure.
Daily production report and processing
Effect evaluation demarcation and technology standard setting
Sand blocking effect evaluation of sandcontrol measures
Production increase effect evaluation of sandcontrol measures
Effect evaluation of improving bottomhole flow conditions
Synthetic effect evaluation of sandcontrol method
Synthetic inquiry and statistical analysis
Single well and multiple evaluation of sandcontrol methods
Complete guide style operation
Flexible technology standard and demarcation adjustment
Objective and scientific evaluation results

Module 10 document system (SC-Doc)

SC-Doc mainly provides help such as online assistance and quick guide. It helps user master the operation, pattern and ideas of the software, and provides hot key help information in any time.

Advantage and Characteristics
Applicabe to oil well, gas well, vertical well and horizontal well.
Covering all kind of sand control method concerning mechanical, chemical, gravel-packing and frac-pack, etc.
Convenient operation style and interface
Combined with Ms Office to export rusult data table and graph
With plenty of personalised function to customize options and settings
Flexible using mode
Good data check and fault-tolerant ability
Convenient result feedback and correction sysytem
Local and remote server database for selection any time
Provide custormized secondary development of software
Perticular technology support and update web site
Systematic technical documents and help text  

Application and Effect

Sandcontrol Office has been dirrectly and indirrectly applied in Qinghai Oilfile, Dagang Oilfile,Jidong Oilfield,Shengli Oilfiled,Liaohe Oilfield, CNOOC,COSL in China, and oversea oilfileds of Block6 in Sudan, OML66 in Niriglia and Halfaya in Iraq. The software were used to predict sanding production, design sand control, evalaute well production, assess sand control effect, which provide a feasible nd operational platform for professional design and daily manager work.

Service and Support

Operation Training: include two parts of theory training and software operation training. The training plan program would be planned and performed according client's requirement.
Software Update:  One to three years of free update is avaible for the user and the detailed valid limitation depends on the business negotiation.
Technical Support: We provide all possible technical surpports concerning questions and answers, supplementary design and any other reasonable service.


Welcome any inquirment and cooperation!


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