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WCDOffice 1.0—Well Cpmpletion Optimization

Author:Admin  Time:2014-7-10 6:15:03

Time:2013-9-11 15:23:58

WCD Office is a synthetically software system  platform that is consisted of Lithomechanics and crustal stress, well system sand out  prediction, well completion program evaluation and optimization, completion design optimization, completion well production prediction, completion methods effectiveness evaluation, horizontal/high inclination well completion, calculation tool kit and completion database information system.  The software obtains the work of oil/gas well completionincluding management, calculation analysis, evaluation, designing, office automation and so on. It covers the whole procedure of completion technology, and provides completion engineers with an intact software platform.

WCD Office would raise synthetical completion solutions for single well,zone,block and reservoir in loose sand condition. On the base of basic theory and method study, WCD Office constantly does adjustment and promotion. In the future, it would become the leader of international  completion software platform, and supply simple and easy integrated completion process resolvent for working site in oil/gas field.


Advantage and Characteristics
Applicabe to oil well, gas well, vertical well and horizontal well.
Covering all kind of sand control method concerning mechanical, chemical, gravel-packing and frac-pack, etc.
Convenient operation style and interface
Combined with Ms Office to export rusult data table and graph
With plenty of personalised function to customize options and settings
Flexible using mode
Good data check and fault-tolerant ability
Convenient result feedback and correction sysytem
Local and remote server database for selection any time
Provide custormized secondary development of software
Perticular technology support and update web site
Systematic technical documents and help text  

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