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FracPackPro 1.0—TSO Frac-Pack Simulation and Optim

Author:Admin  Time:2014-7-10 6:26:39

FracPackPro is appplied in frack-pack simulation and optimization of oil and gas wells in oil industry. The software is feasible for the frac-pack design optimization in oil well, gas well, vertical well. The moudles involves rock parameters acquicision, fomration stress distribution calculation, frack-pack parameter design, frac-pack progress simulation and frac effect evaluation. It can be used to accomplished almost allof the analysis, calculation, design, evaluation, simualtion concerning frac-pack.

FracPackPro includes moudles as following:

  1. Basic data manager system

  2. Rock strength data acquisitions

  3. Formation stress distribution prediction

  4. Proppant size design

  5. Frac scale size optimization

  6. Visual simuation of TSO process

  7. Pumping design of frac-pack

  8. Productivity evaluation after frac-pack job

  9. Help context


FracPackPro's advantage

Convenient operation style and interface
Combined with Ms Office to export rusult data table and graph
With plenty of personalised function to customize options and settings
Flexible using mode
Good data check and fault-tolerant ability
Convenient result feedback and correction sysytem
Provide custormized secondary development of software
Perticular technology support and update web site
Systematic technical documents and help text 

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