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SCC Center Communicated with COSL in Tianjin

Author:Admin  Time:2015-7-2 8:52:42

On 30,June. 2015, Dr. Dong, together with Kaige Gao and Tuotuo Xu, from SCC Center, went to Well Completion Center of COSL to discuss about the topic of "Comprehensive Evaluation of Mechanical Sand Control Screens" for technical interchange and cooperation. More than 20 technical personnels from departments of COSL attended the meeting.

Dr. Dong introduced the latest research progress in the Comprehensive Evaluation of Mechanical Sand Control Screens from background, suggested research content, implementation plan, technical routeline, expected outcome, basis and foundations, case study. After the report, Dr. Dong answered the questions from the attendences, and continued to talk about the future cooperation with them.

Recent years, SCC Center undertook a series of research project concerning sand control in heavy oil reservior with thermal production and mechanical screen evaluation. The research work were spoken highly by the employer.

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