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Sand Control Completion (SCC) Centre is a team working on research and education. This is a union of vigour and vitality, as well as creativeness. The team belongs to Department of Oil&Gas Production, School of Petroleum Engineering, China University of Petroleum. For many years, we’ve been concentrating on the subject of oil/gas field development, and mainly the job of sand control completion.


In the field of sandcontrol completion, we specialize in: loose sand Lithomechanics and crustal stress, well system sand flow prediction, the performance of sand moving in wellbore , sand control completion program  evaluation and optimization, sand control technology optimization and modeling, horizontal/high inclination well sand control completion, sand controlled well production prediction and evaluation, sand control methods effectiveness evaluation, sand control information management system, sand control experimental modeling research, the design and management of sanding and water breakthrough in gas well system, sand control screen damage and life prediction.


The office has already accomplished four National 863 projects and National Nature Science Fund projects, and over 40 enterprise projects from the start. The theory and method of systematic oil and gas well sandcontrol prediction has been brought up. At the same time, oil and gas well sandcontrol compositive decision-making method and technology system has been constructed properly, which contains sandcontrol decision make, parameter optimization, horizontal well gravel fillup and sanding well productivity prediction and evaluation. Moreover, we’ve build up systematic compositive decision-making platform of oil and gas well sandcontrol-- Sandcontrol Office. It has been popularized in many oilfields at home as well as international oilfields in Sudan and Nigeria. Till now, we have achieved 3 provincial awards for scientific and technological advancement, more than 10 awards of Bureau level, 2 software copyrights and 2 enterprise standards.


We have published 3 monographs which are Oil and Gas Well Sandcontrol Technology, Oil and Gas Well Sandcontrol Theory and Technology and Sandcontrol completion theory and technology of Horizontal Well. Over 40 research papers have been published, among which 12 papers are accepted by EI. On the other hand, a systematic oil and gas well sandcontrol experiment laboratory has been well constructed. With abundant scientific research, a complete education system is conducted in a good manner. Based on these conditions, sandcontrol education and research job has been promoted significantly, and Professor Dong Changyin has been awarded as Excellent Young Teacher in Colleges and Universities by Huo Yingdong Education foundation in 2012.

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